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Cleveland Cavaliers Vs. Golden State Warriors (NBA Championship playoffs!)--Who's gonna win it?!


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Game 1 - Thu, Jun 4
100 - 108
Game 2 - Sun, Jun 7
95 - 93
Game 3 - Tue, Jun 9
91 - 96
Game 4- Thurs,Jun 11
103 - 82





Game 4, 6/12/15 (thuesday 9pm game) has just ended in a seriously unfortunate loss in CLE being at home and needing the win, as they are now back to square one after being ahead, and giving up their chance of a 3-1 series lead, which would by most all odds have as close to guaranteed them the championship. Boy did they need it, boy did they blow it .Back to square one.

Very quick summary; I moderate a sportsbook forum on the net, and post all day (and gamble and actually work with sportsbooks on a daily basis, polling status's, reviewing member's complaints/positive reviews of online sportsbooks, BS and chat, post up our picks for the day, etc etc. It's a wild forum, much less "staying on topic" and much more of an aggressive crap talking/silly/bashing/very serious threads daily. There's a lot of heat over there because there's a huge amount of members and it's hard to control people's attitudes and shilling; People risk a lot of money as well, and people follow or "tail" professional handicapper's picks; Lots of high roller's, even more people that don't have it to lose. So, without much more needing said, it's a damn circuis over there. I actually love getting on here being a nobody poster, and just relaxing to the "chill, family like" vibes for once! ......BACK ON TOPIC DBG SPORTS GURUS!

THREAD START AGAIN, TONIGHT; GAME JUST ENDED GAME 4, WITH GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS BEATING OUT CLEVELAND CAVALIERS! WE HAVE A 2-2 TIE IN THE SERIES. (For complete n00bs or not NBA fans, the final playoffs are 2 teams (one west and one east conference) that have made it without being knocked out of the playoffs, playing the last team standing the same way they fight through the playoffs until all the teams are knocked out......First team to win 4 game's advances, meaning the playoffs/championship playoff's are a 7-game series. This is assuming that the games go 3-3, leaving the 7th and final game to decide the fate of whom get's the ring.

Interesting stuff:

-Neither The Cleveland Cavaliers nor the Golden State Warriors have EVER won a championship before.

-The Cav's have only gone to the championship once in their franchise history; It was in 2007 when they had Lebron James.

-They sucked last year, and the year before that, etc etc. This is Lebron's first year back, and low and behold----the made it to the championship finals.

-Even or equally notable, The Golden State Warriors, a team nobody at the beginning of the season would have expected to go as far as  the playoff's and much less into the championship,

-The Warriors finished the season first in the NBA this season

- Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warrior's is armed with the league winner's named MVP (most valuable player in the league), first time MVP title winner STEPHEN CURRY; HIS STATS FOR THIS YEAR PER GAME AVERAGE: 23.8 points, 7.7 assists and 4.3 rebounds (REGULAR SEASON STATS).

- LEBRON, BEFORE TONIGHT (HAVEN'T AVERAGED IN TONIGHTSS STATS, IS PLAING LIKE THE MVP! scoring more points through these first three games (123) of the series against GSW than anyone in an NBA Finals series, averaging 41ptsper game. in the playoff series against GSW. per game

-On May 14, 2014, -THIS SEASON the Golden State Warriors named Steve Kerr the team's head coach in a reported $25 million deal over five years. It is a first-time head-coaching position for Kerr, 48, a five-time NBA champion point guard who holds the all-time career record for accuracy in three-point shooting (.454). First time ever coaching in the NBA, and his FIRST season as head coach he takes a sub-standard team, and right off the bat of his FIRST SEASON as an NBA coach, and he has the Golden State Warriors. 5 year $25 million contract? Man deserves a major raise win or lose here. But if he win's, his pay should be doubled, if not tripled, in my humble opinion.

---This is the 1st time since 1975 that the Golden State Warriors have advanced to the NBA Finals, with a brand new coach, not only for the team, but in the league being an NBA coach to boot

CLEVELAND CAVS- The team has won four Central Division championships (1976, 2009, 2010 and 2015) and two Eastern Conference championships (2007 and 2015), and has had 19 total playoff seasons in franchise history.

CLEVELAND CAVALIERS have played in 1 NBA Finals. They lost in the following years: 2007. THEY HAVE NEVER WON A CHAMPIONSHIP IN FRANCHISE HISTORY!!!

- Kyrie Irving (out rest of champ series after game #1 against GSW) set a record for most points in Quicken Loans Arena history (Cavs home stadium) as he scored 55 points, leading the Cavs to a 99–94 win over the Portland Trail Blazers

-Kyrie Irving (out rest of season; After injury game #1 against GSW NBA championship finals) March 12, this season as well!) established a new team record for most points scored in a single game with 57 in a 128–125 overtime win against the San Antonio Spurs in San Antonio, surpassing James, who had held the record with 56

2011 CAVS SEASON- Racked up a 26-game losing streak in 2010–11, which tied the record for the longest losing streak in major American professional sports!!


Well, I thought after my boys (CLE) had the 2-1 jump @ home tonight we were looking good, despite injuries and it being such a major deal to win this game 4 to give the championship locked nearly away if we would have walked headed back to GSW 3-1, just needing one more.... Now were stuck headed to game 5 tied, 2-2 going back to GSW to have home court advantage.


TONIGHTS GAME #4, VEGAS ODDS, and SPREADS betting going into game 5------Despite winning their last game together, Cleveland winning against GSW in their first time in the series playihng at HOME in Cleveland, winning by 6 points and being 15-20pts for a good margin of the game, GAME 4 tonight, again in CLEVELAND, the public money/vegas odds have the final spread @ tipoff with public money on GSW to shut this out; Vegas has odds set making CLE CAVS the under-dog of their 2nd and last home game in a row coming off of a good clean win, with VEGAS ODDS for CLEVELAND +4, giving the Golden State Warriors the edge and favorite, with Vegas lines set @ -4. The 1Q/1H odds are equal and un-adjusted, with 1Q bets giving GSW favorite (1pt), and the first half 1H giving GSW -2pt favorites.

I HAVE NOT put money on tonight's game, and will not do so. I will wait until game 5, going back to GSW, and if i can find the line @ +7 between now and tipoff (for those non-gamblers here, the lines move based on where the public money goes. If 75% of people are putting their money on a line that opens up the same as tongihts, giving CLEVELAND +4pts as the under-dog (team that is statistically and suppose to lose handicapped statistically by a set amount of points), you can expect that line to jump to +5 to +7.5, giving a greater edge for CLEVELAND, which in turns makes bettor's place money on the CAVS, because with 7pts, thats an awful lot of head-room. Lose by 6, and you still won your bet. Often times if i can find a good line like possibly on game 5, which i believe will be higher than tonights +4 due to GSW going back home, if it gets to say 7pts ill buy it, but ill go heavy if it gets to say 7.5...because for about an extra $20-40 risk in my wager, i can buy a half of a point, making them say 8 point underdogs; Meaning We lose by 8pts, it's a push. If we lose by 7, i would win the wager. You can buy generally up to 1.5 or 2pts. Normally $10-$15 ---1/2pt, sometimes $20 a full point. It depends where its @ to begin with.

Not super surprised to see CAVS being a dog going into game 3 with

kyrie irving hurt and out for the rest of the playoffs, with a major kneecap injury of course in theri game ONE LOSS IN OVERTIME, certainly a most unexpected injury for a valuable player not only the first game of the championship playoffs, but in OT to boot, and they lost on top of it.       GAME #1- GSW win   1-0

Game 2- Cavs come out on top, in OT for 2/2 games in the finals against GSW, by the skin of their teeth on the road against GSW.     GAME 2- CLE win 1-1 series tie


Points                                                                        Points
Curry - 20.5
Thompson - 18.5
Lee - 13.5
James - 42.0
Love - 16.5

Rebounds                                                                 Rebounds
Green - 9.5
Thompson - 5.5
Bogut - 5.0

James - 11.0
Love - 11.0
Mozgov - 9.0

 Assists                                                                        Assists                                                               James - 5.0
 Curry - 8.0                                                                                                                                                 Smith - 3.0
Green - 6.0                                                                                                                                                  Irving - 3.0 (OUT FOR SEASON)
Iguodala - 5.5                                                                                                      


GOT BORED TONIGHT EVERYONE!! Just wanted to do a impromptu writeup!!

These are all facts, im a sports fanatic. Just showing what's going on, history,

some stats, and what i expect. If we can get the CLE line for +7-+8, i'll

be putting "10-20u" or in our world, we would call that 10 to 10 units on the

game. a unit = $100. 10u = $1000. So the game plan, is to take the spread

on the underdog CAVS for 10u-20u if we can get it @ +7 or better

...Also will make a (ML) Money line bet. This means say they are giving the CAVS

7.5pts, meaning GSW has to win by 8+ for me to lose. Well, a money-line bet

means basically "im going to win straight up," take away my free 7pts, 8pts, whatever it may be and let's just bet to win. So, if you take the CAVS who are pretty big under dogs at +7 to +8, and give up those 8 points, instead of risking your for example $110 to win $100 (thats a straight bet, the extra $10 you risk is called the "vig" or in newer language "the juice." Thats why the lines change when more or a large margin of money is on one side, the spread increases on the team that the money is against, persuading gambler's to buy and take that bet since the lines have changed and it is well worth it. The point of this is if $10 million across the country was laid down on one game, and it was split between the public 50/50, the bookie would still come up 10%, for the $10 per $100 extra you pay for your risk/win reward. This instance the bookie would walk away with $1,000,000 persae, and the public had completely equal $ on it.....For the MONEYLINE play though, i can give up those

6. 7. 8. 9, etc. whatever amount of points the "spread" is giving Cleveland to make the game "fair," me basically saying "no, the cavs are going to just win outright. I don't want the free points, let's take it straight up. In this example, instead of the line being -110 (always on all spread bets) meaning RISK: 110 Win: 100, (whether you take CAVS +8, or GSW -8 for example. both bets are -110).....BUT IN THE ML, If i take the CAVS, and say they were given 8pts at the time i wanted to place the bet, and i chose to give those points up and MONEY LINE BET.....The odds could be something like +270. This means NOW since i gave up my points, but think they will win straight up, FOR EVERY $100 I RISK, I WIN $270. Therefore, if i risked 5u on the CAVS Moneyline for game 5, assuming say theyre dogs (oppposite of the favored) and are given 7-8pts like we are assuming, risking 5u ($500 cash) for them to win straight up, would pay $270x5 = $1,350.....

example- Spread @ -8.    odds   -110 (always, this is for all spread NBA games, it never changes)..... 5U for CAVS TO WIN +8..RISK $550 WIN 500

example- ML (money line bet) +270 (CLE CAVS TO WIN GAME) ...........................................5U for CAVS TO WIN GAME...RISK $500 WIN $1,350


ONE FINAL bet ill mention are the O/U. That means the "over / unders" Like say the Over/under on game 5 is 197.5. You just literally choose "over" or under"   "Will the game #5 of CAVS vs GSW go Over/Under 197.5 pts?-----------> Choose Over or Under. This is the FINAL SCORE (OVERTIME SCORE COUNTS IF THERE IS OVERTIME...ITS THE FINAL FINAL SCORE OF GAME)....Of both teams scores added up.

Final Score tonight game #4-   GSW 103 - CAVS 82....Totals- 185. Low as hell. I've seen totals range from 179-217.5 before. These games have seem to gone under, but i haven't checked. You can also bet just the "TT" score...meaning "CLE will score OVER/Under 97 pts" etc.


I'm out for the night. I needed to create some sports action in here. Filled with Finals Action, Stats, Gambling learning, interesting facts, series sats, etc. Have fun with it people and share input!!







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The Warriors of course! Pretty relieved to get the win last night and it was also a relief to not have a nail biter for a change.

Actually I do love how close the games/series has been. Much more exciting than a lopsided win.

Iggy needs to be starting every game!



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