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The never ending story of Nitazenes


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I want to share with the community this video about Benzimidazoles sintetic opioids (the infamous Nitazenes or Zenes)

I think Is a great Analysis of what Zenes are and what happened from 2019 until now with a look at the near future.

What's next for Nitazenes? Video@14:37

 @RC_researcher79 please join the discussion

People with more Infos please post here thanks (Sorry for my english Im Italian) 

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@Opioidman You know my personal hate for zenes - so I'll abstain from my opinion. Nothing new about what was said. Something vague about other potential possible structures indeed, I'm no chemist so I can't tell it for sure, but I doubt this class leftovers or a possible last batch will be around for long.

1. The entire planet (mass-media, LE and Authorities of every country) are aware about them and their danger, as well who were supplying them. Chinese are celebrating their new year's eve until Feb. 26, rest of the world got plenty of time to blanket ban or ban all the existing analogues so far. Would you order something is on highest schedule as same as Fentas? Would you as company with Chinese Gov and LE/Interpol eyes on you just try to push a new batch so at ease?
2. Most likely, some of the admins of those companies are still detained. If anyone is wondering why, apparently was not only due the BTC Law violation, but -what a surprise- a batch of Meto or Proto tested positive to Fentanyl. Either they were helping out Mexican cartels, or they got framed.
3. For Zenes fans: blame the chinese and their greedy. Before, they used to sell all strong opioids undercover, to the right people knowing how to handle them. Then all of sudden, plainly on clearnet, where a teenager who had his first codeine high said woaaah look how strong it is, let's order some --> Package arrived --> Bag opened, taking a sip of few mg's --> gone to afterlife.
4. What to do?
Long time zenes addicted --> be ready to face hell, avoid getting scammed when leftovers will be gone, go to rehab, fill your home with methadone, subutex, pregalbin, stimulants, benzos, whatever will barely cover not only the physical hit, but especially the psychological hit. Supplements like mematine, proglumide, ULDN could be a good help as well. You knew this was coming.
Strong Opioid users / behind high methadone/subutex barrier: brace yourself, it will take a while before chinese will offer a new strong opioid class. Not because they can't. But because it takes time to find the strongest possible one, without risking to have their head cut - but their main worry is to find the strongest possible one, with the easiest synth, and the cheapest precursors ever. If it has history on human consumption or not, it's certainly not their problem, customers are the guinea pigs. If it would not be just about money, and be happy enough to make good gains instead of HUGE INCREDIBLE gains, don't you think there are countless WW legal opioid, even stronger than zenes, with a doable synth as well, ready to pick? Consider only the number of analogues a class could have, or making a small change it legal..

No? Not too many?
mmkey, this list was made in 2013: https://pastebin.com/CDjQMpRV
here some "updates" in 2018 The Oxford Catalogue of Opioids: A systematic synthesis of opioid drug names and their pharmacology - Richards - 2021 - British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology - Wiley Online Library (Appendix A)
Considering Wiki contains maybe the half of information of possible opioids classes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_opioids
Let's have a deeper look on something more updated - here you get some good references to understand better how an apparently innocent low-potency opioid could become a wild beast: https://wikimili.com/en/Opioid#Tables_of_opioids
To no talk about the unpublished or sealed on paper-archive libraries only hidden somewhere.
I'm too tired now to search for the link, but apparently a study over 4'000 possible Pethidine analogues, issued to find possible new compounds for better medical usage, reported to have "undesired side effects" like "strong euphoria" and "excessive warm body well-being", study went unpublished directly to DEA hands. What a waste. Also because most of those analogues would be legal.
So you can make yourself an idea about how from one of those already numerous (known) classes, just for a single one how many analogues you can grind out.
Ironically, Methadone that is per default considered a last resort, some analogues would be legal in most of the planet, hitting >500x potency and incredibly warm and euphoric.
And yes, even for O-DSMT, an lot lot lot stronger analogue is possible, at least on paper.

We could continue for hours, the fact is it's plenty of possible both low-potency and strong-potency excellent opioids, either of unscheduled classes or with possible analogues that could have a huge potency difference. Just hope this time they will pick a class with a less stupidly strong analgesic potency and with better receptors affinity. It's not the analgesic potency making an opioid more enjoyable.

That's all I can say for now. Despite my hate, I wish you good luck to anyone who will need to taper down of risking his life going back into the streets. I went personally through this hell, all I can suggest is to not do stupid things, get both pharmaceutical and psychiatrist support. Maybe you won't go through the same hell, some people manage to taper down or subst more easily, but statistically speaking, this % is pretty low.

All the best.

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