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Your favorite facial moisturizer


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I use nevia but there’s different kinds this one messed me up now im peeling any suggestions?



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I have been a Clinique moisturizer girl for decades. It's hypoallergenic and although I believe looking young for my age is mostly genetics, a good moisturizer can't hurt.

@EasyMoneySnip3rthey are running a special right now at Macy's free gift with purchase and you can give that to your wife/GF/husband...anyone who likes beauty products. 

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Oh i gotchu!!! typically what is your skin type? moderate to oily? if so where is it located? i.e  "T" area? im not a certifified Aesthetician by any means, but i have hd my folks pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on treatment for my skin starting higschool. (hella late bloomer) I dealt with HORRIBLE acne, from normal sized zits to cystic... my god it was the worst time of my life... and come to think of it, thats probly why i even started using to begin with.. I just saved you guys from a paragraph of rambling about my skin care journey with acne, if anyone has legit questions or would prefer to PM me for help, id love to help anyone out in that regard.

so anyways, in order for me to help you, i need more specifics about your skin type. because many people experience peeling from changes in weather. but if your typically dry skin, id rock Vitamin C SPF moisturizer by Murad.... its pricey, but if you want that glow, you want yourself some good vitamin C, and NEVER EVER EVER EVER forget to put sunscreen on.... sunblock and skin hydrations are KEY for helping prevent earlier signs of aging, slow down rate of wrinkles SIGNIFICANTLY.. to all the young ins out there.. dont even skip out on moisturizer and SPF.


lmk when u noticed ur skin peeling, if its a recurring thing, and try to be aware or add some info to your journaling... i.e what you ate, how much water you drank, and try to solve the pattern to why your skin is prone to peeling. Id go with  hydrating toner by TONY MOLY. they have a mochi and rice toner... i love them both. they are cheap and they come in large bottles that willl last forever. as far as the moisturizer, i chose Murad because its got the SPF i need, it feels refreshing, and doesn't leave that white sunscreen cast... gently rub it in till its completely absorbed which will happen quick but i love that it does not leave any oily shine that i hate so much.


provide me with your skincare regimen, products you use, and any other issues or concerns regarding your skincare. i became obsessed due to soaking up all the information like a sponge. but yeah, it could be your face wash... if ur on a budget, cetaphil is good and st ivy is as well for exfoliation! you want to exfoliate atleast once a week. if your a chick or dude that wears makeup.. get  a double cleanser. my favorite is a face wash and balm cleanser you can buy together or seperately. this is pricey but if you got the money, try it out.. if u don't use makeup no need for balm.. but it sure does feel nice after using it. the line is called "Then I met You" its a korean brand. Korean facial products are very useful and i absolutely love the Korean products i use. never buy from amazon tho to avoid fakes. 

also, try to drink a gallon of water a day and exercise daily... get your heart rate moving, simply a slow a consistent jogging pace works great... if u hate running now, ur going to get addicted if u start slow. there truly is a runners high, and once u pass a 1 mile mark even at the slowest jogging pace, u will feel you can keep going forever. ABSOLUTELY WEAR HAT AND SUNSCREEN ( i cant stand treadmills, i love trails and being out in t he nature.. unless theirs some nice talent to look at @ your gym if u know what i mean. thats always great way to motivate yourself to keep going. but try to stay consistent.


low budget:

 consider using "The Ordinary" line of products... its insanely cheap and they have so much options... as far as korean brnds, Dont get sucked into the crazy 30 step routines.. although they produce great products, much of it is their creative marketing. One korean staple product i lways use from korea is the SNAIL ESSENCE by COSRX.... YEUP, i said SNAIL.. its slimy, doesn't smell like anything but hands down in my top 3 holy grail. and dont worry, snails are not injured or killed to get this mircle product. get some good eye cream too... even if ur in high school.. ull thank yourself.. starting young, will preserve you even more. im currently 34 and im always ID'ed and everyone or even old friends i haven't seen in over 5 years are like "WTF?" do you botox? haha... I dont.. at least not yet. I can still pull college chicks here and there at the gym, usually 21+ but the drama is outweighs the benefits, i wish i could find a chick that forget her phone , doesn't follow fake insta trends , nd is down to just chill, play video games with and isnt all about the drama.... 26 y/o  is the sweet spot for me but at this point if she takes care of herself and exercises , and has gret personality and just HELLA CUTE, i can care less about their cup size (medium + supple is dope, flat asses are not, those squats and dead lifts will fix tht right quick), id def be all over it. Another treatment to look into (very expensive) but its called NAD+ IV drip... its antiaging and makes your skin glow... follow up with booster shots. i used it to detox of 3g daily H habbit and a stupid amount of BZDs... st


quick answer :

Drink gallon of water and do cardio for 30 minutes minimum

sauna helps with purging (durring summer beach water is very good for your skin)

also dont use too much product.. again when taking a leap of faith for a new product, try one at a time.. and always do a patch test in small facial area to see if it causes any negative reactions.

-use hydrting toner and proper products for your skin type

- wear sunscreen

get like 10 pairs of silk pillow cases and switch out every other day or so esp if u got some oily hair products in

- did i forget to say SUNSCREEN?

- dont stay in hot shower for too long

-last but not least, SUNSCREEN. atleast 30 spf. try to apply every 2-3 hours... even if its gloomy... even if u dont leave your house - always vulnerable to the sun till it gets towards the evening.

thts the best advice i can offer you without you diagnosing yourself or providing me with your regimen 

obvi sweets and dairy but  u can curve appetites on amazing tasting protein shakes. not gonna lie Unico or Ghost has some fire flavors to look forward to and you can even make ice cream to pancakes to pudding... 


sorry for long post. hope this helps

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