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Emyclamate (revised) And like a thing about drugs I wrote

Guest Blake1234567

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Guest Blake1234567

Wanted to tell people about this new item. It is related to meprobomate Which if some of you don’t know is the prodrug of western Soma (As in not the traditional drink the drink in Greece or whatever hundreds of years ago - the  pill Carisoprodol is what I mean) Now let me tell you something; the difference> This item mentioned in the title kicks in in three minutes when stepped out of the cup. You have to be pretty careful with it. Or you will nod out uncontrollably if you drink too much and you will get dehydrated | It doesn’t mean it’s like, dangerous (in my opinion) I mean I drank way too much of it (1st time) Because I couldn’t find any information on it. I didn’t die. But what I find is overdoing it with a lot of things nowadays now that I’m recovered from my disability a lot more is that the effects are just really unpleasant I can’t even take a lot of items are used to take at all because it sucks like the item itself the effects suck- to me. I’m gonna go off on a little bit of a ramble here but When I say I don’t think it’s dangerous it’s just in my experience drugs are not. I mean they can be like I crashed my car but that was being due to my disability and.. Nvm I don’t wanna get caught up in this debate I just think drugs are good and I’ve had some bad experiences especially with HBWR seeds But I learned from all these experiences and it and I never died or got any known lasting damages. I’ve eaten copious amounts of things while blacked out due to my disability and it’s best we just don’t talk too much about it, But people would freak out and my mom and call me and tell me I’m on life-support for dialysis on the hospital phone and it was all lies. And the amounts of items that I consumed..Like, I’m surprised it was lies based on what I had heard about these things. That’s all I’m trying to say and that like bad experiences usually teach me something whether it’s drug related or not or I gain something from it so That’s just part of what I’m trying to say but also that a lot of items people talk about being so dangerous were very benign to me and life-saving and nothing like when people sit on the Internet and I’m not talking about drug counselors and propaganda people I’m talking about people that actually allegedly tried them.  All the things people say about how dangerous things can be is to me a bunch of hype but that’s just my opinion and I won’t say it again if it’s not appreciated u no or wanted , but to me it’s a bunch of hype. Like even people to tht take drugs will talk about how dangerous it is I’m gonna stop talking about this topic but I want to talk about it but I’m gonna MoveOn.. 

 I’ve had copious amounts of alleged very harmful things and I’m fine my lab test my lab results I’m healthy I’m like the healthiest person in the world my doctor said. For someone that doesn’t get to exercise because of my disability temporarily (disabled 15 years but heals gradually- haven’t got to exercise since 2013) basically and all the drugs that I’ve consumed it’s like amazing how healthy I am but enough about me let’s talk more about this ..item| I’m very health oriented though and very health-conscious and very careful like when I’m not blacked out so I think that’s why I’m so healthy you know I only do things that I think are “right” and applicable & healthy and I think it through,very carefully ,but like I said enough about me I’m gonna talk more about the item OK.

Before I do that let me say I’m not saying that anybody should go out and “think like I think” But what I wrote is my experience— I can’t relate to addiction I can’t relate to really anything bad about drugs because like I’m not like that, But many are right now and who knows I could get addicted tomorrow but I don’t think I will. Also, as I said everything bad turned out good I learned from it or I gain something from it. Also, I am very health oriented - any drug I take I feel is good 4 me in some way - whether a healthy experience or therapeutic whatever the cause, it’s health oriented. And I have good results, even when things turn bad: in the long run. And “bad” experiences are rare because I’m careful (I think). But don’t take it the wrong way u no, I not encourage or impose my beliefs on anyone — find out for yourselves. I don’t believe anything 100%—I’m always open-minded. But that’s been my experience. I’m not saying it’s right. Or that u shouldn’t use caution But As far as the health oriented approach and being careful and being educated I think that’s a good thing to tell you guys about because these things have been a lifesaver many things have and I just think I should share that with you I really do the other side of drugs the people don’t seem to talk about as often as they do the other even when they’re avid users Ok but enough of this topic OK I’m done with my little tangent OK I , promise and on To.. Emylcamate >

So I bought this little item online it was new I didn’t know much about it I searched a bit and found a little bit of info the stuff I told you that is related to you know what it’s related to I mentioned above I’m using text to voice so I’m just gonna refer you to what I wrote above in the beginning so I don’t have to start typing again but yes so that was the only information I can find I didn’t know nothing about doses or anything. It was a gram. Of powder. I just poured in the water like I do with any powder because I only do powder that way usually I don’t snort things, And I found with a lot of research chemicals that it is good to dilute them heavily w water because having too much at once can cause a rush it is very unpleasant and I can make you feel really sick When I first had a ODMST for example I hated it because I didn’t dilute it enough and it gave me a rush like  I was going to have a seizure was I hated it like I feel like I was gonna die. But sort of by coincidence I diluted it later because I had things to do and I’m disabled and when I drank it Diluted it I realized it was pretty good. Like really good. *But that’s another story* And not every item is like this I just based on experience and familiarity I opted to put it (emyclamate) in water so that’s what I did. I don’t know how much I didn’t measure it. I don’t have access to things like scales or a lot of things really my living situation with my disability now I will need somebody to drive me to get some thing like that but other people living with are not functional Anyways, In the water went. I drink it. And yeah kicks in in like three minutes and it’s pretty strong. 

It’s also pretty good though too for is intended use which is muscle relaxation. It kind of kills pain to the point where you can lay there even if you’re in pain and not have to move or like squirm or anything. I don’t recall much of the first experience I think I went right to sleep I just recall being really dehydrated and I did not like that. So one sip, Is all it takes with the measurements of the elixir I made. But in general I would say small doses is your best bet if you get a gram put like maybe like half a teaspoon full into a very tall cup of water like a tumble like a plastic Tumbler. Then kind of swirl it around or use a fork and mix it dissolve a bit if you want to. And don’t underestimate * 

If you want you can throw it in like a 32 ounce Gatorade bottle to be safe and shake it up that’s what I do with other items That are more important to me and I want to be more precise with but this was my first time trying this thing and the cup that I put it in is still sitting by my bed and I just take sips every now and then when I’m not feeling well with my neurological disorder but I’ve sense today put it into a water bottle so that it wouldn’t Like go stale but it doesn’t seem to lose any potency so far.

I just put it in the water bottle there anyway just to be safe. So it’s pretty “interesting” And I’d say it’s preferable to a lot of benzodiazepines. But benzodiazepines can do things this can’t do and this can do things benzodiazepines can’t do. I’m not that fond of it but I’d buy it again it’s pretty cheap. 

Take care 

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8 hours ago, Blake1234567 said:

Also, I am very health oriented -


I don’t know how much I didn’t measure it. I don’t have access to things like scales


I’m not that fond of it but I’d buy it again it’s pretty cheap. 

I think you need to get your priorities straight. 

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Guest Blake1234567

@7ohmbro That’s “cool” I’m always open to learning new things So What priorities of mine, would u say are “out of order” ? Come to think of it, how would u even know my priorities? R u sure u know what ur …. Nvm. Ur right agree with u. Ur absolutely right. Take care  

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