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Roidsource.net - Only rhGH I trust as nearly approved biologics grade or better, and pioneers of IGF-1


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I’ve recommended a couple of sites here and tend to do so when they’re not overly used, have a long history of a reputation that dates back at least five years and focuses on doing what they do best which is specialty in manufacturing biologics like IGF and HGH that are on par with any pharms brand you want choose from. We have about 10 years of low-key met the scale and stayed with it, they close the shop announce when they’ll do it if there’s a break vacation for the admin or if there’s a shortage, instead of letting you find that out after you make an order, and they have a wonderful forum that is rich with people who have high levels of knowledge treatment as well as TED use of these things. On top of that they have AAS products from Gym Labs that are excellent quality and consistent and always cheap. (5 test P for 150, one for 35; five Test E/C/Sustanon for 200, 50 for one, Mast P for 50, Primo E for 67, etc.). Guys used to stock on my farm, but I think they’ve Tegan pharma, and just used the resource supplier for manufacture and I can say there’s a difference between pharmacom anavar and Roidsource - that’s not something I can say about any other oxandrolone product I’ve used, even the good ones. Prices are all domestic - Qtropin hgh is transparently open to scientific attack and I’ve spent months discussing their methodology to manufacture and preserve such fragile peptides like IGF-1 (Insubolic) and rHGH (Qtropin). 280 gets you 200 IUs in two vials and orders arrive in a kit that has gel cooling pads and ice packs, but get a single vial and you get a single ice pack and a gel pack in insulated packaging that will be likely to have withstood some degradation but not more than any shipment from a CMO to Pfizer genotropin distribution warehouse, so this isn’t a ugl with a “I’ll dose 8IU instead of Norditropin 4IU) - it’s 4 iu if you dose that with norditropin or less if you find results with 2-3IU. Aqueous solution so no need to reconstitute, with similar excipients as the geno and norditropin products to preserve shelf life in room temp for a while until you start a vial than I’d say use it in 30

days or 45 maybe, but definitely just be safe and keep in insulated packs with gel cooling pads in refrigerator door and I see the industry standard 2-8c or somewhere around 34 to 46F for temps, avoid light and mechanical force like shaking. I’ve used these guys more for discussing medical research and found, I think, a cute little article Qtropin manufacturing published on bioavailability testing rather than simple LC/MS and ensuring 22kd molecular weight, etc. theyre approved distributor for international orders and domestic is roidseek.com(maybe net, check qtropin for current list of approved vendors. Anyway, my best kept secret in optimizing my hormones and getting superior biologics at the second best price (we all know the logo from a certain “enhanced”labs that wholesales to several major organizations. They’re unmarked lipophilic powdered hgh is 11 vials of 100IUs each for 1,000 now. I’m not recommending them because I haven’t ordered but bulk or single vials are off the charts cheap. Geno and norditropin same thing. Half what you spend elsewhere shipped DSL from a eastern country that hates bitcoin and privacy but it goes through a layover in a customs friendly country and is a few days to your door. Again, that is the only ugl people have any right to say is the best because of their market dominance, but I’m a domestic only kinda guy and Roidsource.net is the only non pharma hgh I’ll buy. Ever. They run a quiet business and make a big difference in quality and experience without being greedy or loud about it. 

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Totally agree Q tropin & there IGF-1 RDNA grade is superior to any generic on the market. I run pharm grade serostim Walgreens branded for $600 month best GH you can get your hands on, and yet roidsources GH is def legit and a great product. Blue tops I used in the beginning of my bodybuilding experimental stage learning and doing avid daily homework and research on pioneering human evolution thru gear and growth pathways. Secret is pretty simple pharm grade GH and good testosterone paired with one anabolic (oxandrolone) luckily my doctor prescribes me it monthly thru Walgreens , that is what it takes to transform the body with very downgraded effort compared to most who just blast gear. I am a firm believer and soul supporter of GH if you ever want to actually get an even remotely bodybuilder physique. GH alone does fuck all , it needs the testosterone to pair the synergy and be effective for true contractile fascia tissue growth. I run 4ius currently of GH with 200mg test a week Walgreens brand also (all real gear) I will soon titrate up to 6iu and stay there a while. And up the test and Anavar and add primo soon. Fact is … roidsource is good to go! Their compound oils are great and all real to my knowledge as well. Reasonably priced and effective. Their tren ace is a heavy hitter even tho I don’t use tren anymore since learning the long term irreversible effects it does to the heart (each time it’s dosed)

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