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Create The Perfect Cycle


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Instead of me just giving you the cycle I thought I’d list all the steroids etc what they are best for and you can build your own from the information provided. I have outlined a couple of examples at the end just so you get a feel for it.

So you want to create the perfect cycle for yourself. So how do you go about this? Well there?s a lot of things you need to know before you can sit down and create yourself a perfect cycle.

The most important thing you need to know is what your EXACT goals are for THIS cycle. From here you can figure out exactly what steroids are right for you and at what dosages.

So what about steroids, ancillaries, and other drugs do you need to know? You need to know the basics of the most popular drugs available:

-Testosterone (Enan, Cyp, Prop, Suspension, Sust, Omna)

-Nolvadex/Nolva (Tamoxifen)
-Arimidex/Arim (Anastrozole)
-Femera/Fem (Letrozole)
-Aromasin (Exemestane)
-Provirion (technically a steroid, but oft considered an ancillary)

Other BBing/Performance Enhancing Drugs:
-Human Growth Hormone/hGH/GH

There are of course many other types of steroids, acilliries and sports enhancing drugs, but they are extremely rare. I won’t go into a full discussion about each of the drugs above, but will just list properties of the drugs and state which steroids have those properties:

-Large Mass Steroids: Test, Deca, Drol, Dbol and to a lesser extent: EQ, Primo
-Strength Steroids: Test, Drol, Dbol, Tren and to a lesser extent: Halo, Var
-Steroids that have low/no aromatization: Drol, EQ, Primo, Halo, Var, Tren, Winny
-Steroids that raise red blood cell count: EQ, Drol and to a lesser extent: most others
-Low-Lean Mass Steroids: Winny, Halo, Var, Tren
-Steroid with direct fat-burning properties: Test, Tren, Var
-Mostly Androgenic Steroids: EQ, Halo, Primo, Winny
-Mostly Anabolic Steroids: Deca, Dbol, Drol, Var
-Mostly even Androgenic/Anabolic Steroids: Test, Tren
-Liver Toxic Steroids: Dbol, Winny, Drol, Halo, Var
-Short Acting Steroids: Test Suspension, Test Prop, Dbol, Winny, Drol, Halo, Var, Tren
-Long Acting Steroids: Test Enan, Test Cyp, Deca, EQ, Primo, Sust, Omna
-Progestins: Deca, Anadrol
-Prolactins: Tren
-Acts like an estrogen: Anadrol
-Anti-Progestin: Winny* (anecdotal evidence)
-Drugs for Mass: Slin
-Drugs for Strength: Slin, GH
-Anti-Aromatases: Arimidex, Femera, Aromasin, Provirion
-Anti-Estrogens: Nolvadex, Clomid
-Anti-Androgens: Finasteride
-Fat Burners: Clen, T3, DNP, GH
-Anti-Prolactin: Bromo
-Stimulates LH release: HCG
-Aids HPTA recovery: Clomid, Nolva, GH
-Drugs that increase red-blood cell count: EPO, GH
-Drugs that raise IGF-1: Slin, GH

Ok so now that you know what drugs do what, we can begin to discuss what properties a cycle should have. From there we can begin to see how these drugs can be combined to form a stack.? The idea behind the stack is to create a synergy between the drugs involved to give an effect that’s greater than the sum of the parts.

Mass Cycles:
These are cycles were all out mass is required. Here we give no consideration to fat gain, water gain or any of that stuff. We are just looking to pack on as much muscle as possible (don’t forget, water and fat are GOOD for muscle gains).

To get all out mass, we need to attack our system from all angles. We need steroids that are highly androgenic and highly anabolic. We need steroids that are known to pack on a lot of mass. In general, steroids that do not aromatize, do not activate the ER and do not pack on a lot of mass aren’t needed. For injectables we would rather have long acting esters than short ones, as the long acting esters tend to pool up in your blood and generally leave you with more hormone at any given point. For orals we prefer those that either aromatize heavily, or cause an explosion of mass by similar estrogenic properties. The use of orals is mainly to kick off the mass cycle, gives you near instant results and puts your body in a good anabolic state when the long acting esters kick in.

With all that said the best steroids for mass are: Test Enan, Test Cyp, Deca, Dbol and Drol. Advanced users can also use things like Insulin and GH.

Cutting Cycles:
Realize that with the exception of Test, Tren and Anavar, no steroid has a direct impact on fat burning. Even Test, Tren and Var have limited effects on fat burning. You shouldn’t go into a cutting cycle with the mind set of ?These steroids are gonna help me loose fat.? Instead you should think of the steroids as muscle sparring. Basically you’re using them to preserve the muscle that you have, while diet, cardio and your true fat burners (like Clen, DNP and T3) work on the fat.

All steroids listed above meet the first requirement; they will all help you retain muscle in a calorie deficient diet. However, if you are cutting you certainly do not want your steroids to be in the way either. Some steroids (drol) actually make it harder to loose fat. Others can bloat you up so bad that even with a low body fat percentage, most of your definition can be lost.

So what we need here is steroids are more androgenic than anabolic. We need steroids that have direct fat burning properties and steroids that do not aromatize heavily. If we do use a long acting ester, we would prefer to use one that doesn’t aromatise heavily, if the injectable does aromatise significantly, we would prefer to use a short acting ester as short acting esters don’t pool up, and an anti-aromatase would be a good idea.

Best fat burners: Clen and T3. Advanced users may also use DNP and GH

Best steroids for cutting: Test Prop, Test Suspension, EQ, Primo, Tren, Winny, Halo, Provirion and Var.

Sports/Performance Enhancing Cycles:

Now I can’t claim that I know what’s really best for a non-bodybuilding athlete. But I can take a guess and you guys that do participate in sports can probably figure it out given my explanations.

First lets looks at sports that require strength without increased mass. Obviously any mass builder? is out the door. Any steroid that aromatizes heavily is not desirable here, as the extra water will certainly make you put on weight. Your best drugs for this purpose would be: Halo, Winny, Var and GH. If you can afford a few extra pounds (like in the offseason or what not), Tren would also be a good steroid.

Now let’s looks at cycles for sports that require endurance. As we’ve discussed before, some steroids increase red blood cell count significantly; this equals better endurance performance. The best drugs to use for this purpose are EQ, GH and EPO. Because EPO can have such a drastic effect on red blood cell count, it is NOT recommended that you use it along with steroids.

When you use any steroid, your HPTA will be suppressed. What this means is that your system is not producing and endogenous testosterone which means you won?t have any hormone to help maintain your gains. What good is cycle if you can’t keep your gains? So the key to cycling is to get your endogenous test back on track ASAP.

One thing that will hinder HPTA activation is excess estrogen, whether it be from aromatizable steroids used in your cycle or whether it be endogenous estrogen. Using anti-estrogens like Clomid and Nolva will help prevent this negative feedback

When your body sends out LH (leutinizing hormone), it signals your testicles to begin producing test again. During your cycle, LH release will be suppressed and will remain suppressed for a few weeks after your cycle. HCG mimics LH and helps your testicles start producing testosterone. For our purposes we should view HCG as a bridge between your cycle and the time your LH returns to normal function. However, HCG when used to heavily or for too long will actually suppress natural test production so it can be counter productive.

Different cycles will suppress your HPTA to different degrees. Cycles including Deca and Fina will be more suppressive than cycles including Var and Primo. I don’t have the times to design a post cycle therapy for each cycle, but please feel free to pm me with any questions, so I will post here a post cycle therapy program that should help you recover from any sane and sensible cycle.

Before we outline the universal post-cycle therapy, we need to define when a cycle officially ends. If you are using long acting esters, your cycle ends 2-3 weeks after you take your last shot of the long ester (I wont explain why, just accept it...Smile ). If you are using ONLY short acting steroids OR your last shot of long acting steroids was over 3 ago, and the only thing you’ve been running since then is short acting steroids, then your cycle officially ends the last day of administration of your steroids.

So given that, here is the universal post-cycle recovery program:
2 Weeks Before End of Cycle: HCG @ 1500IUs 3 times a week
1 Week Before End of Cycle: HCG @ 1500IUs 3 times a week
First Week Post-Cycle: HCG @ 1500IUs 2 times a week

Day 1 Post Cycle: Clomid @ 300mg
Days 2-14: Clomid @ 100mg ED
Days 15-28: Clomid @ 50mg ED

Days 1-28: Nolva @ 20mg ED

More advanced users can also experiment with GH, Slin and DNP.

Now that we have all the theory of cycling down, lets look at how what cycles might actually look like. For all first cycles you want to limit your use to 1-2 injectables and 1 oral. All cycle should be followed by the standard post cycle therapy.

Beginner Mass Cycle:
Weeks 1-10: Test Enanthate @ 250mg per week
Weeks 1-10: Deca-Durabolin @ 200mg per week
Week 11: Start HCG therapy here
Week 13: Start the remainder of Post-Cycle therapy here.

Beginner Cutting Cycle:
Weeks 1-10: Test Prop @ 50mg ED
Weeks 1-10: Tren @ 75mg ED
Week 9: Start HCG therapy here
Week 11: Start the remainder of Post-Cycle therapy here.


 Theeee Mass Cycle (This is VERY advanced, don’t use this if you have don’t have atleast 4-5 cycles under your belt, even I can’t handle some of the oral doses, others respond differently)
Weeks 1-10: Test Enan @ 1000mg per week
Weeks 1-10: Deca @ 600mg per week
Weeks 1-10: EQ @ 600mg per week
Weeks 1-4: Drol @ 75mg ED
Weeks 8-12: Dbol @ 40mg ED
Weeks 5-8: Slin @ 10IUs a day, 4 times a week
Weeks 1-16: GH @ 4IUs a day, 5 days a week
Normal Post Cycle Therapy (Cycle ends at Week 12) PLUS Slin @ 10IUs 4 times a week.

Theee Cutting Cycle (This is VERY advanced, again don’t use this see above)
Weeks 1-12: Test Prop @ 100mg ED
Weeks 1-12: Tren @ 100mg ED
Weeks 1-12: Provirion @ 50mg ED
Weeks 1-10: EQ @ 600mg per week
Weeks 1-5: Var @ 40mg ED
Weeks 8-12: Winny @ 75mg-100mg ED
Weeks 1-12: Full-Blown T3 cycle
Weeks 1-16: GH @ 4IUs a day, 5 days a week
Normal Post Cycle Therapy (Cycle ends at Week 12) PLUS EPO and Clen alternated with ECA

A lot of cycling is about trail and error. There is no one perfect cycle, but steroids and other drugs do have distinct properties that are better suited for some goals. The guide should provide you with all that you need to know about cycling, and how to create your own cycles. As you can see from my examples, cycles can go from very simple, to very complex. But even my most complex cycles are still built on the same basic principles as the beginner cycles.


Peace ✌️



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I would like to ask a question related to the Topic in this Thread, what would you Recommend or Personally use for your PCT Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) or Clomid (Clomiphene). I am only asking because I read a small Dose like 20-30MG Tamoxifen I forget the exact Dose maybe 25MG is equal to like a lot of Clomid or some like that but it is more potent than Clomid can be unless using high doses of it even when using just lower Dose PCT Recommendations for Tamoxifen.

  I would much prefer to simply just Private Message you this question not post it. I will be Donating very soon as Electrum just Released a New Update like less than a Month after the recent Update which used a New Bitcoin Sending/Receiving Address that had my Bitcoins and many others stuck in their Wallets and needing to fix it in a complicated way... I could easily make a 15USD Donation but I want to give 20USD to DBG cause they deserve it. 

  Great Post... it highlights the important stuff but there are a lot of things people need to know by reading themselves. I don't want to get this Thread off topic with anything in my Posts. I like the long and detailed Posts and the fact you got more than 500 Posts shows u care and are trying to put out the knowledge you yield out for us to reap the benefits of learning stuff that took you lots of time in reading and probably experience I am assuming etc. 

  That being said most Threads I have just skimmed through but I plan to start from the beginning and give them all a thoroughly detailed Reading of the Threads and Subjects your speaking about like the HGH Thread I did not read every single Post in it etc. but I will get around to it. I am just in the middle of moving to another Province right now so I got to get my furniture into my new place and all the pain in the butt things that go along with moving such as lack of time for leisure and rest and relaxation.


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PCT can be specific depending on what type of cycle you run and who you speak to. Get 40 different bodybuilders and you’ll get 40 different PCT protocol’s!! I’ve known guys who’ve jumped off with little to no pct and had zero issues but I would never recommend that. There’s soooo many variables mate hence why I’ve written a universal PCT based on 50/50 scientific fact and experience (I’ve been in this game along time) that will work for you guys but what I will say is personally. The 2 serms I use when I do come off (which is rare now)  are both Clomid and Nolva. Yes, both are required for the betterment of my recovery. And yes, they are not identical compounds. Nolva boosts the effects of clomid because it put clomid into "competition" mode where they both fight for a receptor to bind to. This competitiveness only happens with the presence of BOTH compounds and will inevitably resolve the issue of excess estrogen in the Hypothalamus. This will trigger both LH and FSH to crank UP, as the high estrogen in this cluster is suppressive. You need this synergy imo.


peace ✌️



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