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Top Five Supplement Scams


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We live in a society where con-artist supplement companies can legally sell you products that can kill you (and has killed many people), yet producing absolutely no results------while people who sell products that actually work AND help people in many ways are classified as drug dealers and imprisoned. If you go on You Tube and watch bodybuilding videos, you will see several that are posted by "TeamMuscletechvideos", showing Branch, Jackson, Cutler, and many many others where comments have either been disabled or comments with any mention of steroids are immediately deleted. We can't have the truth out there----that might impede sales. These bodybuilders keep their mouth shut out of fear of losing cash monies, while gladly leading you to believe that they got to where they are by using worthless bullshit.....and have not an ounce of remorse for the money you lost or the damage you've done to your body, and that includes death, as two Soldiers found out the hard way while guzzling Jack3d(the old formula is now actually banned in the uk). ERs all around the nation are reporting epidemic levels of visits due to pre-workout supps and energy drinks.

But lets not lose sight of the bigger picture here----the entire supplement industry is mostly a scam, and that includes most of the products they offer.

So here is a list in descending order of the Top Five supplements that are total, complete shite not worthy of your time, money, or a trip to the ER----or toilet when your arse Xplodes:


NUMBER 5.....WEIGHT GAINERS. If you're skinny, why would you think taking in a ton of unproductive calories is going to add muscle to your frame? Eat plenty of fish, chicken, rice, greens, beef, etc... If you're not skinny, then congratulations on your new roll of fat. That's why they call them "weight gainers". Want a good weight gainer???? Hit up half a dozen Krispy Kreme (They’ll just about match the sugar content).


NUMBER 4.....PRE-WORKOUT DRINKS......My personal favorite is BSN Xplode, but I use a small amount to add caffine to my own personal pre-workout drink which I will describe in another article. Pre-workouts do NOTHING to build muscle-----absolutley nothing. They throw all these studies around (conducted by teenagers majoring in phys Ed who are paid by supplement companies) to convince you they do------BULLSHIT.


NUMBER 3....FAT BURNERS...... In the documentery Bigger Faster Stronger, Christain Boeving made the mistake of telling the truth about fat burners (Hydroxycut) and was immediately fired by Muscletech for doing so. Fat burners are nothing more that a cup of coffee and a few herbs in pill form, and DO NOT work. The only thing you'll burn is a hole in your wallet.


NUMBER 2......CREATINE......Increased water retention and a little vasodilation does NOT mean added muscle. You may add a few pounds to your bench, but that will vaporize like virginity in a catholic orphanage as soon as you stop using it, and most often, even while you're using it due to the body's adaptive responses. 

NUMBER 1........TEST BOOSTERS...... If test boosters raised T levels, doctors would prescribe them for TRT. Star athletes would eat them like chocolate bars. Police stations would place test-booster dispensers in the locker rooms, and the price for these pathetic products would fall like rain due to super-high demand. The only Testosterone boosters are anabolic steroids----END OF STORY. Even if they were to work at all, the amount of increase in Test wouldnt be enough to add muscle to a field mouse. They give them names that sound like steroids (like "T-BOL") and put them in packaging to make them look medical----and lock them up in the glass case at Vitamin stores so women and Children are safe from contamination......Give me strength! You can add the new generation of dick pills to this catagory----you've seen those infomercials where the grey-haired, 70 year old guy is sitting next to the hot, giggling 25 year old blonde who is still shaking from the orgasm that just keeps coming in waves. What a stud!!---and you can be too----for £69.95, all major credit cards accepted. The makers of Extenze were just sued and ordered to pay a huge fine for-----guess what-----false advertising


peace ✌️ 

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With a industry worth billions but based on absolute nonsense. Unfortunately myself like most when younger (target audience) was drawn in and scammed as well.
Great post.

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Stick to gear, hgh, peptides, Sarms and other proven ancillary meds.

If it’s sold in GNC, I’ll pass.

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Yes they take advantage of desperate people with low T looking for options other than TRT.

 D-Aspartic Acid can help if your T is low due to low LH otherwise it won't do nothing. The problem is it needs to be cycled and increases estrogen too proportionality I think. I haven;t done a lot of research on it though but it seems to help for some people.

If you're low in DHEA they got 25mg and 50MG supplements but increasing DHEA will only slightly increase testosterone and barely make a difference.

Other than those 2 they don't work. Vitamins and minerals only help if you're deficient in them.

If you don't have low T and low LH aren't deficient in vitamin and mineral supplements then only gear will increase it further.

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