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  3. donated 30.64 for opal to bc1qjqz7ylcmp94xtyphhltq0th708av6nlslxeahu
  4. Hi, I donated $25 for this account.
  5. Hi I donated 30 earlier today and sent a message but account hasn’t changed. Maybe I should have posted here instead. Thanks!
  6. Update: IT WORKED. I was honest and I got 60 1mg L0raz3pam! I'm gonna push for 90 next month and that will be good enough for me!
  7. MrSpeedWagon

    3-Cl-PCP vs FXE

    Greetings, I recently placed an order with Albion to perform some research with their FXE. Years ago I was more involved in research but recently got back into. Not particularly used to such a strict protocol but I absolutely respect. I unfortunately made a mistake though, and was short on the total fees. I was informed I was short, and immediately updated to cover the remaining cost. It’s now been several hours and have not heard back from them. At one point should I send a follow up email? I’m aware they are not fond of follow ups…
  8. Yesterday
  9. Dr-Octagon


    This is really intriguing. Just makes me wonder what happens when the pharm has to call the doc. No way I would put my insurance In the mix. So do they charge a consult fee per catagory? There is a doctor database in my state and pharmacists can just tell you to kick rocks in flip flops if they don't like your meds or feel funny about it. Dr Bumshag xanny-pants might raise an eyebrow
  10. moledive


    @jk2021 So it's been a month and figured I'd chime in with updated info. I paid the full fee for initial consult etc last month which was not *that* big of a deal initially, bc my meds cost $1 at the pharmacy (for both), so I sort of took it as a wash. I had included my insurance info on my intake and last week, I saw they charged my insurance for my teleconference (that I also paid them out of pocket for). I have gov insurance and it's illegal for them to charge the patient above what insurance pays so that has me concerned they are going to get nabbed sooner than later. sigh. For the small amt of pesos they get for billing my insurance, I feel like thats a grave mistake on their end and not worth getting shut down or in trouble for, but, It is what is I guess. All in all I think it's a matter of needing to do what you need to for the meds you need. Also, as far as coupons go...I have yet to find any that work. I decided to do another follow up for this month and pay the fee again bc I'm having a hard time finding anyone in my ins plan and my PCP won't RX psychiatric drugs but none of the EZ care coupon codes work....so take that as it is and an FYI. Other than that, I can hardly complain. The appointments are SO easy to set up and they have a great online setup. It's a matter of personal choice on whether you're in the position and ok with paying their online fee. If one has insurance or goodrx has good deals for one's meds, it is still a pretty good deal compared to waiting 30+ days for international letters and with Addy, that's basically impossible anyway. Just my input for anyone else who needs it. :)
  11. Yugi

    Shouldve donated sooner!

    Hi. I currently live in the US and I’ve been a chronic pain patient for about 7 years. I joined to stay up to date on current topics and read about everybody else’s experiences. I do want to donate but I don’t know how.
  12. BillMarle

    AccuRC (US-US)

    Both, it shows the TN whenever the USPS gets the package and will give updates daily. But usually once I get the tracking I go to the website and manually add text updates for tracking. It will also show what letters are coming in the mail that day which is also convenient.
  13. Good Prices as they say probably to good to be true.
  14. Dr-Octagon

    What's the best brand carts

    We have full spec-strain specific carts at one disp here but they are pricey and .5.carts dont make it very far for me. One of these days I may be able to process my own in my state, of course if that were the case I'd probably just smake flower more often as I use the carts for convenience and lack of volume
  15. Ejuiceman

    Dissos 2 US

    DCK, 2FDCK, DXME, and O-PCE will only be found internationally in NL/Europe. None of these chemicals are made in China.
  16. DoomKitty

    http://www.tgc-rc.ml too good to be true?

    I deleted the one and not the other because you are constantly shilling the one, not the other. The other one you weren't recommending, you were asking if anyone had heard of them. If you started constantly repping etometh or whatever it's called I would also be suspicious. Anyways it doesn't seem like you are catching the bigger gist of what I'm saying so I will leave it for now because repeating myself is tiresome. If more people post actual reviews of them that are positive, especially members who aren't brand new and their review is their first and only post, then we will move them out of blacklist. But if a member posts their negative experience do not come and post some attempt to invalidate their experience. You don't see that one any other thread. Well, you might see it once or twice but likely from another member who also has shilling tendencies. Anyways, take care and let's get back to reviews, if there are any.
  17. @Mazerakam Hi please check my vendor page
  18. ChemicalMan

    http://www.tgc-rc.ml too good to be true?

    I see your point and understand it. But it's not like I'm opening threads about how amazing they are. But if someone asks where to get a **** product, and I know that TGC sells this product, I see no reason why not to say that they can find this product in their store. There was the following thread: https://drugbuyersguide.net/topic/18505-etomethzene/?do=findComment&comment=325814 There you edited my message when I wrote that I saw that TGC sells the product. Message before that I put a link to another site that sells the product and for some reason you chose not to edit my message. After all, this room is for recommendations regarding where to get certain products so I really see no reason why I can't recommend TGC if I know from my experience that they are a quality supplier and that they have the product. In this thread for example: https://drugbuyersguide.net/topic/14241-etazene/ I wanted to say that TGC has the product. But I already gave up after you edited me a message in the above thread. What more can I say? Not sure how I can explain it better if that's not understandable, but I can try if necessary....
  19. Last week
  20. DoomKitty

    http://www.tgc-rc.ml too good to be true?

    @ChemicalMan It's not "forbidden to give a positive opinion of a vendor or lab". Its "forbidden" to come to a forum and shill them sometimes up to 4+ times in a day, while also criticizing anyone who has a differing opinion. That's called shilling. You almost never recommend any other vendor, pretty much just TGC over and over. If anyone else did this i would also let them know that what they are doing is shilling. I've even had other members ask me to stop you in the past b/c you seemed like such a shill. Loving a vendor and leaving a single positive review is fine, but criticizing others for their experience and plastering isn't. Not sure how I can explain it better if that's not understandable, but I can try if necessary.
  21. Badguy187x2

    AccuRC (US-US)

    Does it only show you like the day of its coming or ones coming in the future
  22. Badguy187x2

    AccuRC (US-US)

    @Gooberflea about how many days after shipping did you get the ID update I figured nine out yesterday and I thought he’s Sid it was shipped yesterday or day so when would it’s how it’s otw?
  23. I recently went out on a limb and did a small order at BestSleepingTablets.com. never heard of them had a nice selection at good prices, but not too good to be true. Ordered 7/7 tracking on 7/8 stuck in Chicago ISC Since 7/14
  24. seekerslayer

    What's the best brand carts

    I think that is true too.
  25. Great points that were suggested.
  26. seekerslayer


    Yes, I think so as well.
  27. seekerslayer

    Thoughts on these.

    Yes I believe so to.
  28. Not a problem with that. But where do you get off denigrating someone's review of ordering 10g of something and receiving 2g of some unmarked mystery substance?
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